7 Omah Lay Songs to Get You in The Mood

December 25, 2021

Wanna get into that lovey-dovey mood with your partner, these Omah Lay songs will do just the magic! From the spicy ‘Lo Lo’ to ‘My Bebe’ and ‘Confession’, we’ve got perfect Omah Lay songs for you in the Vskit short video app!


Top 7 Omah Lay Songs for This Christmas


“YOU”, a track from his previous EP produced by Eljackbeatz, has such a vibe. This impressive love mode tune is absolutely captivating. ‘You’ tells the story of a lover who keeps reassuring his partner of his love for her. This sound is so romantic, it's bound to have you falling in love.

Lo Lo

This song “Lo Lo” is the abbreviation of the word “LOVE”. The song is sexual, seeing a lover bragging about his sexual prowess. The song is actually about sexual gratification and is a good song to get one in the mood.


“Damn” is a declaration of love. Produced by Bizzouch, the song has a mid-tempo beat led by piano keys and heavy bass sets, the perfect tone for Omah lay’s melodic vocals.

His rhyme also gives the song some unique character; the tone of the music ends with some love assurance at every point as he fuses R&B with afro-pop perfectly to show his affection to his girl. The amazing lyrics as well cannot be overlooked.

This song is the perfect boost of confidence when the need arises!

My Bebe

This fast-tempo song is a sure banger! The captivating lyrics, natural vibes, and rhymes are amazing. Truly there are no strangers in matters of the heart. The usage of alt-pop in his music is to die for!


This self-produced song by Omah himself is a love confession. The song is a definite mood setter.


This is a mid-tempo song with a catchy sound, amazing production, and insightful lyrics. Omah's unique sound, genuine creativity and vocals gave an amazing judgment to the song. “Understand” will forever be a jam!


This song was one of the most impressive collaborations that went viral for months. The song, originally owned by Olamide, had Omah lay featured on it.

“Infinity” projects a sexual feel with the combination of intense lyrics from the chorus till the end. It’s really advisable when you wish to change things up quickly with your partner, putting you in the mood winks.

Now, let's enjoy the 7 songs of Omah Lay:

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